Social Responsibility

 I have been involved with every community I have lived in.   It is in my core to give back to the community whenever I can.  I  have led and produced numerous fundraising events, in various sizes, in every state that I lived in (New York, Utah, California, Oregon, and Texas).  

Some of her near and dear causes includes: cancer related; dog rescue; HIV/AIDS related causes and rape victim related causes and the  performing/visual arts causes.  

I have also helped cancer patients before, during and after treatments with make-up applications.  I am extremely knowledgeable on how this disease can affect one's physical and emotional being.  She is compassionate to every client she works with.  

"Make-up can be a very powerful tool when working with individuals that have gone thru very traumatic situations in their lives.  It's more than covering up scars or drawing on eye brows; make-up can provide a sense of control and give confidence to those that may have lost it."  

I  have donated in-kind services to various causes!  If you are in the non-profit sector, seeking an in-kind donation from SMA (Shoshuna Make-Up Artistry), for an upcoming fundraising event, please submit a Request for Donation letter to the email address located on the "Contact" page.  Thank you in advance for your interest.